August 26, 2017

Fleet Service

Fleet Service :

At  SKAP MEDIA (FLEET SERVICE Unit), we have dedicated our time to your driving wants and needs. Whatever the occasion, be assured that there is a range of carefully tailored services for you to choose from Cars are indispensable from running a business and doing errands, to taking a relaxing holiday or even taking the kids to school, cars have become a critical whether for just a short or part of our everyday activities, For those wishing to use a car a long period of time, car rentals are ideal. SKAP MEDIA  Rental offers a wide range of premium cars such as BMW, Mercedes Benz, Toyota, Honda, Nissan, etc.

            Daily and Weekly Rentals

Select from our wide range of affordable vehicles and we’ll provide you with fast, flexible options for your pocket and purpose. All our rental services are personalized and tailored depending on your exact needs, with special corporate rates, weekend packages and commercial vehicle rentals.

           Short–Long Term Rental ( 1 month to 3 years )

Why commit to a lifetime with one vehicle when you can have the option of driving a different car every year? If your needs are personal or corporate, you can take advantage of our short and long term lease options. SKAP MEDIA provides you with flexible and convenient possibilities:

  • New cars or as required
  • Fixed monthly payment
  • No yearly registration hassle
  • Free periodic maintenance and replacement vehicles
  • Commercial vehicle rental
  • Dedicated project support team
  • 24/7 emergency response team
  • Full comprehensive insurance

Our Team is Ready to provide:

  • 24-hour service
  • Worldwide reservation facility
  • Airport transfers
  • Baby car seats
  • Staff transportation solutions


Available Vehicle in SKAP MEDIA Fleet

Sl. Name Of Vehicle Vehicle Type Year Of Manufacture Brand
01 Toyota Allion Sedan 2004-2006 Toyota
02 Toyota Allion New Shape   Sedan 2007-2014 Toyota
03 Probox Sedan 2002-2004 Toyota
04 Toyota X & G Corolla Sedan 2004-2006 Toyota
05 Toyota Axio Sedan 2008-2014 Toyota
06 F Premio Sedan 2004-2007 Toyota
07 Premio F New shape Sedan 2008-2014 Toyota
08 Toyota NOAH DX/GL Single A/C Micro-Bus 2004-2006 Toyota
10 NOAH x/s Duel A/C New Shape Micro-Bus 2007-2011 Toyota
11 Toyota Hi-Ace New shape Micro-Bus 2010-2012 Toyota
12 Toyota Hi-Ace Super GL / DX Micro-Bus 2004-2010 Toyota
13 Toyota Kluger Jeep(SUV) 2002-20012 Toyota
14 Toyota Lexus Harrier Jeep(SUV) 2005-2010 Toyota
15 Land Cruiser Prado Jeep(SUV) 2004-2010 Toyota
16 Land Cruiser Prado Jeep(SUV) 2011-2014 Toyota
17 V-6 Pajero 4X4 Jeep(SUV) 2004-2009 Toyota
18 V-6 Pajero 4X4 Jeep(SUV) 1998-2009 Toyota
19 Double Cabin Pickup 4 X 4 Pick-up 2002-2004 Toyota
20 Double Cabin Pickup 4 X 4 Pick-up 2005-2012 Toyota
21 Nissan CIVILIAN A/C Bus 2004-2010 Nissan
22 Toyota  Coaster/ Rosa Bus A/C Bus 2004-2010 Toyota
23 Toyota Alphard/ Hyundai H-1 Micro 2004-2010 Toyota
24 Mercedes-Benz Sedan 2002-2014 Mercedes
25 BMW Sedan 2004-2015 BMW
26 Tourist Bus HINO/VOLVO Bus 2001-2008 HINO/VOLVO